Well, here it is - the new trailer from Netflix for Star Trek: Discovery. So far, from what I've seen, fan reaction has generally been negative. Here are just a few of the things fans are not happy about:

  • It looks too much like the JJverse (i.e. like the new Trek movies rather than previous series) and even has the dreaded lens flares
  • It looks nothing like any Star Trek we know from TV, especially TOS. Uniforms look more derivative of new movie uniforms than, say, the jumpsuit uniforms from Star Trek: Enterprise (the only series set pre-TOS). Remember that that the events of The Cage took place in 2254, 11 years before Kirk got command of the Enterprise. That TOS look lasted at least from 2254 to 2270 (when the 5-year mission would have ended). Uniforms and ship design look nothing like anything else from this era.
  • The Klingons get yet another look with head ridges when they should be much more human looking (as they were in The Original Series which Discovery pre-dates by 10 years)
  • And then there's the introduction of an alien who's from a race that's been specifically bred to sense death coming. 'Cos magic supernatural stuff is such a part of Star Trek, yeah?
  • While the production values on the show are very high, the series is now being accused of being another generic sci-fi series but with the Star Trek name being slapped on it

Other Observations

The ship design (exterior) looks very nice, waaaayyy better than the clunky design in the trailer released last year. It does still look like a cross between a Klingon Battle Cruiser (the nacelles) and a Constitution class Cruiser. But is this the Discovery itself? It's more likely to be the Shenzou, as captained by Michelle Yeoh's character. So does this ship get re-purposed as the Discovery in the series?

There's no sign of Jason Isaacs in the trailer. We know that he plays the Captain of the Discovery. So is it possible that the actual USS Discovery isn't shown in this trailer and that it will look more like that clunky ship design featured in last year's trailer?

Something is off with Sarek speaking to the Vulcan child, accusing him of never being able to speak Vulcan because his tongue is too human. This child can't be Spock, because Spock is already serving on the Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike at the time Discovery takes place. So is this actually a flashback to when Spock was a child. And what would be the significance of such a flashback? Does it mean that adult Spock will feature significantly in the series?

A lot of the budget has obviously gone into the special effects but the worry now is that this is going to be a effects-driven show rather than a cerebral show.

Episodes are shot on location rather than in a studio or around the Vasquez Rocks!

The series was originally meant to have 10 episodes. That was then increased to 13. I guess CBS are liking what they're seeing because they've upped the number of episodes to 15 now.

Several fans have done breakdowns and commentaries of the above trailer which you can watch here:

Some fans are now looking to this for the closest thing to a Star Trek fix, in preference to Star Trek: Discovery:

So what's your view on Star Trek: Discovery now that we've got some idea of what it looks like? Please leave a comment below. And share this post with any Star Trek fans you know!

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