The Star Trek: The Next Generation Theme Sung A Capella

YouTube is the place to find esoteric videos and here's one I just stumbled across. It's an a capella cover of the Star Trek: The Next Generation theme.

It's quite a technical feat as the Trek theme is reproduced by just one guy, laying down multiple tracks. Even more difficult because, of course, there are no lyrics in the theme and he had to produce an instrumental sound just using his voice.

To my ear, and I only have one 'cos I'm deaf in the other, he didn't reproduce the theme note for note. Not that any of the notes were off key, just that some notes were different to the original theme as I remember it.

Anyway, have a look and listen. There are picture-in-picture boxes showing him doing each track in the theme. Comment below on what you think of his effort...

YouTuber Triforcefilms has done a pretty masterful job here. You should check out their YouTube channel for even more a-cappella themes.

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