Star Trek: First Frontier

Despite the recent Draconian guidelines released by CBS on what fans can and cannot do when making fan-produced Star Trek episodes, people still want to create content based in the ever-popular Star Trek universe.

Over the last few decades, as video tech became available to us ordinary Joes, we've seen an explosion in the number of web series and individual productions set in our favorite universe.

All of them take a lot of time, resources and money and it's a testament to the appeal of Star Trek that people are willing to undertake such commitment.

The more high profile web series seem to be set in the TOS era (I'm thinking of Star Trek Continues and Star Trek New Voyages here) but there have been other worthy productions set in different Star Trek eras.

One problem with TOS-era productions is that some viewers don't like seeing different actors play Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the other TOS characters.

Star Trek: First Frontier could be something different. While it is set in the TOS era, and is set on the Enterprise, it's events occur at the very beginning of the TOS era. This is the Enterprise under its first Captain - Robert April.

So there's no issue with seeing someone else's interpretation of a well known character on screen.

Robert April and his tenure as Captain of the Enterprise is also part of Star Trek canon, though little has been revealed of his time on the ship. This new fan film aims to address that.

It also anchors the depicted events in the Prime Timeline, which will be important for some fans.

Here's the first trailer for Star Trek: First Frontier:

And here's a teaser preview for the film that was released back in January:

The fan film is eschewing a CGI model of the Enterprise in favor of a good old-fashioned 11-foot-long physical model of the ship as detailed here:

There's an interview with the guy behind the production - Kenny Smith - over at Fan Film Factor that's worth reading.

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