The producers of Star Trek Renegades and the Nichelle Nichols’ Farewell Show are taking the escape room industry to the next level by not only utilizing beautifully detailed sci-fi sets, but by creating a cinematic experience.

Developed by a host of screenwriters, storytellers, and game designers, these scenarios will truly be memorable.

Have you ever wanted to be a part of real-life starship adventure?

Well, now’s your chance.

Star Trek Set 1

Star Trek Set 2

Galactic Adventures is an interactive, mission-based escape room where you are at the helm.

You, and a group of friends and family, will enter the bridge and be given a briefing by an iconic sci-fi actor like Walter Koenig, Tim Russ or Nichelle Nichols.

The experience will open around July 2020 in Orlando, FL with 3 exciting missions.

This will include a mission on the Cozmo’s bar set as well as two different missions on the starship sets.

Sci-Fi Escape Room Experience Video


Sounds amazing, right?

Well, they’re giving their previous donors and supporters the first opportunity to purchase stock in this groundbreaking company.

That’s right, you can own a part of the company and join in the future success as they grow to other locations, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London and more.


Galactic Adventure Shareholders

Content them at: [email protected] or 800-681-5988

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