Star Trek: Exeter - Introduction

Star Trek: Exeter - The Tressaurian Intersection

Here’s another little find in the fan production vaults. Set in The Original Series timeline, this episode does not take place on the USS Enterprise, but on its sister Constellation Class starship, the USS Exeter with her crew.

You may remember that ship from “The Omega Glory” episode where the ship was found in orbit around Omega IV, without a crew and her previous captain, Ron Tracy, had beamed down to the planet of Kohms and Yangs. In this fan production, the USS Exeter has had a refit and a new crew.

This is the second of two episodes, the first being a much more amateurish affair and split across several parts on YouTube. This second episode is a far more ambitious production titled “The Tressaurian Intersection“, with a script by Nebula Award nominee Dennis Russell Bailey (who wrote the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Tin Man“).

The episode was shot over 10 years ago in mid-2004, and released in segments over several years. Being a fan production meant that post-production work could only be carried out when time and resources were available. The completed episode was released in its entirety on YouTube on May 1, 2014.

Star Trek: Exeter - The Crew

Captained by John Quincy Garrovick, the Exeter’s crew features Jo Harris a female First Officer from the UK; Commander Paul Cutty, the ship’s Chief Security Officer; Lieutenant B’fuselek, the Andorian Comms Officer and Ensign Vandi Richards, the Captain’s Assistant.

Since this episode was shot over 10 years ago, its sets pre-date those used on Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II and Star Trek Continues. The sets were built for this and the previous episode.

In terms of capturing the visual qualities of The Original Series, “The Tressaurian Intersection” is spot-on. You’ll even be able to spot matte defects in the special effects and how the USS Exeter moves relative to the camera is very reminiscent of the USS Enterprise from TOS (original, not remastered effects).

It would probably have been easier to make the episode look better than an original episode given the advancements in CGI technlogy but they stuck with the “old school” methods in creating the episode.

Setting The Scene

Searching for a starship in distress, the crew of the Starship U.S.S. Exeter finds a destroyed Starbase and a deepening mystery. Has an enemy species from Captain Garrovick’s past invented the ultimate weapon, or is the truth even stranger and more deadly?


Will There Be More Episodes?

Sadly, that’s unlikely. A third episode, “The Atlantis Invaders,” was in pre-production at the same time the second episode was being filmed, but ultimately abandoned. And it’s been 11 years since the second episode was filmed.

For completeness sake, the original Star Trek: Exeter episode “The Savage Empire” is on the next page….

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