Here is the first trailer for the upcoming Star Trek: Picard series that was unveiled on July 20th at 2019’s San Diego Comic Con…

The series is set some 20 years after the events in the Star Trek: Insurrection movie, the last of the TNG movies.

Picard has apparently retired from Starfleet but events conspire to bring him back into the fray to save the galaxy one more time.

As well as the trailer, news on season 3 of Star Trek Discovery, Short Treks, Lower Decks and more was revealed. Midnight’s Edge team of Tom, Robb and Andre give their reactions in this podcast…

Fellow Irishman, Dave Cullen, gives his thoughts on the content in the trailer here…

Star Trek: Picard will be streamed on CBS All Access in the USA and on Amazon Prime around in the rest of the world. If you subscribed to Netflix (outside of the USA) to watch Discovery, you’ll now need to pay for yet another streaming service to watch Picard.

That’s not going to go down too well with fans and is more likely to increase piracy in getting access to the show rather than Amazon Prime and CBS making as much money as they could from the show.

There are rumours that Picard could run for 3 seasons. If it doesn’t earn enough money because it ends up not being a hit with fans or piracy cuts into profits, that could have a knock-on effect in terms of the budget for future series and if Amazon Prime would be interested in carrying and part-funding future series.

The only reason the show is on Amazon Prime is because Netflix passed on it as they allegedly didn’t like the look of the show or the direction it was taking.

So are you excited for this upcoming series, now apparently scheduled to air in 2020?

What are your own thoughts on the trailer and you expectation for this series? Sound off below…

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