Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

This officially licensed Star Trek collectible is a motion-sensitive door chime modeled after the communicator panels on the USS Enterprise on The Original Series. It will sense motion on either side of the panel so it's best mounted nest to a door.

The door chime has two sound effects - the swoosh sound of the Enterprise doors opening and the Red Alert Klaxon with flashing red light. A volume switch on the back of the unit allows you to set a low or high volume for the effects.

The chime works off batteries only but they do last several months before they need to be replaced.

The unit is provided with two mounting screws. These would need to be positioned correctly and screwed into the wall. The unit can then be mounted/hung on the screws. If you don't want to do that, the chime is light enough that it can be stuck to the wall with double-sided tape. Thumbtacks can be used in place of screws if you want minimal damage to your wall. Just remember that you will need to remove the unit from the wall to change the batteries.

You could also use the unit to monitor the passage of pets through a doorway (useful if you're getting unwanted visitors in your house!)

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THE FUTURE IS HERE. One frequent topic of conversation at lunch with fellow geeks is how awesome it would be to have 23rd century gadgets in our 21st-century world. We watch our Trek, and we drool over the gadgets and gizmos and wish we could have them. ..and then, our wish came true. Several cases of the wall communicator panels from The Original Series appeared in our warehouse. Mount one on the wall by your door and when someone crosses your threshold, it will alert you. Choose between the door opening sound effect or the Red Alert alarm. Whether it's a bloodthirsty Klingon bent on revenge or just your boss looking for your TPS report, you'll know the moment they appear.

  • MOTION-SENSITIVE DOOR CHIME - This is a motion-sensitive door chime modeled after the communicator panels on The Original Series. The Electronic Door Chime is a must-have for all Star Trek fans.
  • CAN BE MOUNTED ON EITHER SIDE OF A DOOR - Mount the chime on whatever side of the door you choose. It will make a sound when someone crosses the threshold.
  • TWO SOUND SETTINGS - The Electronic Door Chime features a Door Opening sound effect and a Red Alert alarm. A push button is available in front for the Communicator Whistle.
  • OFFICIALLY-LICENSED STAR TREK COLLECTIBLE - This is an officially-licensed Star Trek collectible and a ThinkGeek creation.
  • DIMENSIONS - 6 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 1". Requires three AA batteries

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