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James Kirk took command of the Enterprise in 2265 for a single 5-year mission, a period that is now referred to as The Original Series (TOS) era.

Star Trek: Discovery is supposed to be set 10 years before TOS which sets it in 2255.

But looking at the recent trailers for the new show, it doesn’t look like it’s set in the TOS era.

Here’s a thought: What if the TOS era didn’t begin with Kirk’s command?

We know from The Cage (the original Star Trek pilot) that Spock was serving on the Enterprise in 2252 with Captain Pike 13 years before Kirk’s time as Captain.

Do does TOS include the The Cage era?

The bridge of the USS Enterprise in 2252 commanded by Captain Christopher Pike

If it does, then maybe Discovery is actually set in 2242.

Pike took command of the Enterprise in 2251 (for two 5-year missions), so maybe that’s when the TOS era actually begins. And that would put Discovery‘s events in 2241.

The original Constitution-class Enterprise was commissioned in the early 2240s and Captain Robert April took command in 2245.

Is that part of the TOS era or are we definitely straying into the pre-TOS era?

Should the construction date for the NCC-1701 Enterprise be the marker for the beginning of the TOS era?

If it is considered the beginning of the TOS era, then that would set Discovery in 2235.

Jonathan Archer took command of the NX-01 Enterprise in 2151, remaining in command until 2160/61. If Discovery is set in 2235, then that’s about 75 years after ST:Enterprise‘s (ENT) time, so that could explain why Discovery‘s uniforms look more like ENTs (the primary-color velour uniforms only coming into fashion on Constitution-class ships in 2245).

Discovery Transporter RoomDiscovery’s transporters look nothing like those on the Enterprise

It would also explain why Discovery‘s transporters look so different. While Archer did get transported a few times on ENT, the technology was new and used to transport non-biological matter. Discovery‘s transporters would then be a transitional stage between those of ENT and TOS.

Being set in 2235 would also remove the shackles and continuity issues of having the new series set in the TOS era as we’ve come to know it.

So what do you think of my analysis – on the ball or way off the mark?

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