Update: The Autobiography of James T. Kirk is available to buy from today to coincide with Star Trek’s 49th Anniversary. Available in Paperback, Hardback and for Kindle. People in the UK/EU will have to wait until Sept. 11 to buy the book.

The Autobiography of James T. Kirk

The official Autobiography of James T. Kirk is available now.

The book was unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con where William Shatner read excerpts from it. Titan is the publisher and David Goodman (Futurama and Family Guy writer) is the author.

Based on the blurb, I have some reservations about this book as it indicates that Kirk was born on the USS Kelvin rather than in Iowa. So this may be an autobiography of alternative timeline Kirk (as portrayed in JJ Abrams’ woeful movies) rather than Original Series Kirk.

Hopefully, the blurb is wrong and it is a chronicle of Original Timeline Kirk. I’d imagine, given Shatner’s readings, that it is a biography of the character he inhabited.

Memory Alpha have a comprehensive, objective biography of Kirk here.

The book recounts Kirk’s life (2233-2371) in his own words. While Original Kirk was born in Iowa, on Earth, he spent his youth on Tarsus IV and the book takes us from there to Kirk’s enrollment in Starfleet Academy, through his meteoric rise in rank (his first Original posting was on the USS Republic, not the Enterprise as suggested in the new movies) to becoming the youngest Captain in the Fleet at the age of 34 (and not in his mid-20s as the new movies would have us believe) and onto his illustrious career as Captain of the Enterprise.

Since the story is told from Kirk’s own perspective, it gives fans insights into Kirk’s character that have never seen before.

This promises to be a captivating piece of Star Trek history (assuming it is about Original Kirk) and includes excerpts taken from Kirk’s own personal logs and correspondence along with a selection of color photos chronicling his many friends and colleagues.

The Autobiography of James T. Kirk is available to buy now in Paperback, Hardback or on Kindle.

Readers over in the UK have to wait until September 11th for the book. And it costs a bit more, unfortunately.

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