Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway on Voyager

Speaking at the Denver Comic Con last weekend, Kate Mulgrew spoke about her time on Voyager and how she put her foot down about her character not engaging in a relationship or having sex with another crew member. That apparently led to the introduction of Jeri Ryan's character, 7 of 9 who, as we all know, was squeezed into some very figure-hugging uniforms.

Having some eye-candy for the male viewers is nothing new. Doctor Who (pre 2005) usually had a comely assistant or two for the dads watching with their kids.

Heavily action-oriented shows have enough gunfire and explosions to keep the male audience entertained but slower-moving, even thoughtful, shows, usually have a bit of hot totty in the sidelines, if not as one of the major characters.

So was Mulgrew right to take the stance she did? And did it cost her - in the acting stakes - by having a competing female lead being introduced to Voyager as a result?

In her full panel, seen below courtesy of Denver Comic Con, Mulgrew also talks about being the first female captain, Janeway and science, holodeck character Leonardo da Vinci, her favorite episode and life on the Voyager set including plenty of practical jokes and attempts to trip up Mulgrew...

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