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The Hugo Award submissions are now open. Worldcon members will be getting an email soon (if they haven’t already), with a link to the official ballot and instructions on how to submit a potential nominee.

Vic Mignogna and the Star Trek Continues team would love if episode #9 of their webseries – “What Ships Are For” – was in the running for a Hugo. If you’re a fan and a Worldcon member, consider submitting the following:

Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)
Title: Star Trek Continues – “What Ships Are For”
Writer/Director: Screenplay by Kipleigh Brown. Story by Vic Mignogna & James Kerwin & Kipleigh Brown. Directed by Vic Mignogna.
Studio: Trek Continues, Inc.

Now this is VERY IMPORTANT: They ask that people please DO NOT nominate more than one episode/entry in the Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) category. Doing so would “split” the points for each title, thereby reducing the chances for any of them to win.

You can watch the episode here.

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