The Perth Mint of Australia has released an officially licensed Sterling Silver collectible coin that pays tribute to Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series.

This is a 1oz, 99.9% Proof Silver Coin that has been issued as legal tender under the authority of the Government of Tuvalu. These are the features of the coin:

  • Proof Quality 99.9% Pure Silver
  • Officially Licensed Product
  • Star Trek Reverse Design
  • Limited Mintage - 5,000 only
  • Star Trek Themed Presentation Packaging
  • Numbered Certificate

The coin’s reverse portrays a colour image of the actor Leonard Nimoy (who played the iconic Spock and who died earlier this year) giving the Vulcan salute as Spock as he appeared in The Original Series, against a representation of the IDIC Vulcan symbol and the inscription SPOCK. The design also includes The Perth Mint’s traditional ‘P’ mintmark, and the coin’s weight and fineness.

"We are delighted to honour the legacy of the late actor Leonard Nimoy and his on screen character, with the release of this precious metal collectable," the Mint's acting general manager Neil Vance said.

The coins will be priced at AUS$104.55 (US$115.00) or €70.91 each and can be ordered in Australia by calling 1-800-098-817, or internationally by calling +61-8-9421-7218, or by visiting perthmint.com.au. Also, collectors can purhase the coins from leading coin dealers and Australia Post outlets.

The coin is currently listed as "Unavailable" on the Perth Mint site so perhaps it is not yet up for sale. Other coins are marked as "Sold Out", a different status.

There have been previous coins released in this series (wish I'd known about this sooner): Captain James T. Kirk (sold out), U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 (sold out)Captain Jean-Luc Picard, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-DCaptain Benjamin Sisko, Deep Space 9.

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