This video comes from The Templin Institute, a new YouTube channel which, according to the channel description, is dedicated to discussing “nations, organizations and factions from alternate worlds”.

Their new video takes a look at the Star Trek timeline around the time that Discovery is set - roughly 10 years prior to the events of The Original Series (TOS). It provides a survey of the galactic politics and the status of the major alien races of the era.

What's not clear is how closely Discovery will adhere to Star Trek canon. As it has been revealed in the various trailers, it looks nothing like the TOS era as depicted in the original pilot episode - The Cage, whose events take place about 3 years before Discovery.

Special effects have moved on hugely in the last 51 years and it's inevitable that ships and other tech used by characters will look far more advanced than the props used in the original show.

We've only a couple of weeks to wait now to see if Discovery will take its place in the TOS era or whether it will forge ahead in what can only be considered to be another timeline/alternate universe (even though it's been touted as taking place in the Prime universe)

What are you hoping to see when the series airs later this month?

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