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Star Trek Continues: Lolani
Star Trek Continues is probably the best of of the current fan productions. Shot on authentically reproduced Original Era sets, the series is shot in the same way as the original series episodes. Once you get used to the cast change, you’ll feel like you are actually watching an episode from The Original Series.

You can watch the second episode, Lolani, below. If you’ve come to this page without seeing the first episode in the Star Trek Continues series, then watch that first.

Four episodes of this web series have now been released, and this, I think is the best of the four. They even managed to get Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) to star.

Episode Synopsis

Lolani PosterLolani is a female Orion slave who comes under the protection of Kirk and crew after they discover her on a disabled Tellarite transport ship.

Like the original episodes, this has a single plot and is also a morality play, tackling such topics as individual freedom and oppression.

The actors have settled into their roles and you can easily believe that you’re watching a continuation of where the original series left off.

Vic Mignogna gives another convincing performance as Kirk and Todd Haberkorn is a very creditable Mr. Spock. This episode sees the introduction of a ship’s counselor – Dr. McKenna – well played by Michele Specht. A ship’s counselor never appeared in the original series and her introduction seems to be a nod to TNG.

The Other Star Trek Continues Episodes:

This is probably the most dialogue Lou Ferrigno has ever been given for a role and he was brilliant. The episode went up a couple of notches once appeared on screen.

Presenting “Lolani”…

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