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If you're a Star Trek fan, you'll know that the new Star Trek Discovery series airs on Set. 24th (as I mentioned in this post).

The new series has come in for criticism in that it looks nothing like the The Original Series, And it looks nothing like The Cage (Trek's original 1964 pilot) - the events of which take place about 3 years before Discovery is set.

What it does look like is the recent Star Trek movies, with the Enterprise and its iPhone bridge (or should that be the iBridge?), complete with the lens flares that seem to pervade the Kelvin Universe (where the new movies are set). The laws of physics in that universe must be a little different to ours.

CBS just released a new photo of the Discovery set (above) - the Transporter Room. This is most likely from the USS Shenzhou (Michelle Yeoh's ship) rather than the USS Discovery. There seems to be a lot of gold and yellow in a deliberate attempt to make things look old and dated (it just looks like they had a really bad interior designer).

The transporters look clunky - those circular things behind the two characters are dead ringers for the rotating dishes on the original The Time Machine time machine from the early 1960s!

Maybe it's actually a temporal transporter! 🙂

The pads that crew members stood on in TOS were already in use in The Cage. This transporter room looks very different, less 1960s retro and more 2017 retro.

Are you looking forward to Discovery or looking at it with trepidation?

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