Star Trek Documentaries
Many documentaries about Star Trek have been made in the last few decades, from actor reminiscences about their time on the series to explorations of the sociological impact the series has had on popular culture, from examinations of Star Trek fandom to following an auction of Star Trek props and memorabilia.

A lot of ground has been covered over the years.

This page will link to quality documentaries that relate to Star Trek. Some are not available online due to licensing rights issues but many are, and they;ll be listed here. If there’s a documentary you think should be in the list, please let me know.

  1. The “Star Trek Memorabilia Auction” Documentary
  2. William Shatner Interviews Leonard Nimoy On “Raw Nerve”
  3. Shatner’s Kirk From The Original Star Trek: Phase II
  4. The Restoration of Star Trek’s Original Galileo Shuttlecraft

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