Star Trek Fan Productions
Over the decades, various groups have created their own homages to Star Trek, first on film and tape (before the appearance of the internet in the mid-90s). With the arrival of youTube ((primarily) and some of the other video sharing sites, there arose a huge opportunity for fans to share their work with a vastly wider audience.

Several issues can afflict fan productions – bad acting, bad writing, bad effects, bad sets & props. Since these are, by definition, not professionally produced, you can’t view them in that light. Professionals may be involved in some capacity (such as Tim Russ and Walter Koenig in Star Trek: Renegades) or Nichelle Nichols and other Star Trek alumni in Of Gods And Men, but they provide their services largely because they are also fans.

What you’ll find listed on this page (and the above menu option) are what I think are the best of the fan productions – ones that are worthy of your time. If you think I’ve missed any out (I will be adding links to Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II), then let me know and I’ll review those videos for possible inclusion here.

This is the order, in terms of quality, that I think these productions should go in:

  1. Prelude To Axanar
  2. Star Trek Continues – Episode #1: Pilgrim of Eternity
  3. Star Trek Continues – Episode #2: Lolani
  4. Star Trek Continues – Episode #3: Fairest of Them All
  5. Star Trek Continues – Episode #4: The White Iris
  6. Star Trek Continues – Episode #5: Divided We Stand
  7. Star Trek: Renegades
  8. Star Trek: Of Gods And Men
  9. Star Trek: Horizon
  10. Star Trek: Exeter

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