eBay is the best place to find collectible Star Trek silver coins that have sold out from a mint like the Perth Mint or the Royal Canadian Mint. If you’re new to collecting silver coins or to using eBay, please read my article about these coins first.

This page lists silver coins that have been graded by the NGC and PCGS coin grading services. These are the two most highly regarded companies that provide this service. Graded coins are professionally assessed to determine the quality of a coin and how it might be classed as better quality than a coin straight from a Mint. Production variations mean that some coins are better quality than the standard to which they are made. This makes them more prized among collectors.

Graded coins are encased in sealed slabs so the elements cannot degrade the coins over time. Because of their higher quality and greater collectibility, graded coins command far higher prices than ungraded coins.

Coins Graded By NGC

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Coins Graded By PCGS

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