As we all know, Where no man Has Gone Before was the second pilot episode for Star Trek commissioned by NBC after they thought The Cage was too cerebral. However, the original opening sequence for this episode was different from the one we know and was, in fact, never aired.

The original title sequence had different opening narration, credits and, like an old Quinn/Martin production (if you remember them) had 4 main acts and an Epilogue. The original cut of the episode also contained some scenes that were cut from the aired version. Different end credits and music were also used.

The original 16mm print of the episode is now stored in the Smithsonian.

Here’s that original opening sequence for Where No Man Has Gone Before. Credits appear during the entire 4 minute clip. Imagine if all Original Series episodes had used this opening music and narration….

This video shows all the scenes that were removed from the aired Where no man Has Gone Before

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