William Shatner Interviews Leonard Nimoy on Raw Nerve

Back in 2008, William Shatner started another venture: his Raw Nerve series where he interviewed various personalities. This wasn’t like the light interviews you get on late-night talk shows in the USA, but featured probing questions whose answers provided great insight into the characters and motivations of the person being interviewed.

On January 6th, 2009, Shatner interviewed long time friend Leonard Nimoy for an intimiate conversation. I don’t think they’d had a conversation like this (at least one we are privvy to) since Mind Meld.

As the two old friends reminisce, Nimoy shares childhood stories and lessons he’s learned in his career with Shatner for the first time. Nimoy also talks about his passion for photography, his (then) new book and the number one love in his life…

Shatner is currently writing a biography of his long-time friend.

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