Star Trek Original Series Bluetooth Communicator

A prop communications device that gave rise to real-life flip-phones is now available as a real-life working communicator/phone.

I am, of course, talking about the Star Trek The Original Series Bluetooth Communicator. Not the touch-badges used in TNG but a proper hold-it-in-your-hand piece of kit that looks like it came straight from James T. Kirk’s utility belt.

It’s an iconic prop from the series that started the Star Trek ball rolling.

The device was commissioned by CBS Consumer Products (no booing given recent “guidelines” events) to commemorate Trek’s 50th Anniversary.

To deliver this perfect replica, the last remaining original Communicator prop in the universe (apparently) was painstakingly scanned in 3D; every curve and line, even the texture(!) of the original housing has been faithfully recreated. This is truly a one-of-a-kind collectors item and this nostalgic piece is crafted from hefty die-cast metal and comes presented in its own foam-lined transit case. It features a golden metal antenna grill, composite body and metal edging.

This is more than just a model, though. The communicator opens with a flick of the wrist and makes the exact same noise that devotees of the original series will know and love.

The communicator also features the circular moiré screen, which turns slowly during calls, a trio of colored lights and two buttons.

The right-hand button accepts presses and toggles in four directions. Each position plays back a different bit of audio from the original series, including sound effects like the hailing audio and emergency signal, as well as dialogue from Nichelle Nichols as Uhura, George Takei as Sulu and Leonard Nimoy as Spock. Shatner’s Kirk is strangely absent.

It’s a Working Phone

Under the hood, and once paired with your Android or Apple Smartphone, you can take and make calls through the communicator. It’s all very retro as there’s no keypad or screen, so you have to use hands-free voice dialing. You can then use voice commands to get your smartphone to relay information back to you.

As in the series, you’ll need to hold the communicator close to your face to be able to speak into it and hear the person on the other side. Volume is a bit low, so it’s better suited to being used in a quiet environment rather than while walking along a busy street.

No expense spared on the technical side of things either. The communicator comes with a wireless charging stand that keeps the device in place with a magnetic latch and a high-quality speaker for blasting out your favourite music.

These are the product features:

  • Highly accurate prop replica: created from 3D laser scans of the last known screen-used hero props
  • Fully functioning Bluetooth handset means you can make and receive phone calls like a Starship Enterprise crew member
  • Contactless charging: just place on the magnetic stand to charge
  • Authentic SFX sounds and voices from the Star Trek universe
  • Includes high quality light foam lined hard transit case
  • High quality speaker is perfect for hands free calls and playing music
  • Equally high quality MEMS microphone means crystal clear call quality
  • Officially licensed by CBS
  • It’s a damn cool piece of kit!

What’s Good

  • It looks like the real thing
  • It’s solidly built
  • It’s definitely fun to use
  • Wireless charging means no messy wires
  • It is much more than just a prop or toy

What’s Bad

  • Having real phone technology in it means it’s comparatively expensive
  • Speaker volume is a bit low for noisy environments


Star Trek geeks everywhere will love having a real piece of working star Trek tech and so why wouldn’t you want to own one? 🙂

…and you can get one by clicking here (if you’re in Europe)…
…or you can get one by clicking here (if you’re in the USA)…

Star Trek Original Series Bluetooth Communicator

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